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Cardiovascular Experts Limb Salvage Center of PA
Cardiovascular Experts Limb Salvager Center of Central PA

ASCs: providing high-quality care and convenience outside of a hospital

YOU are in the driver’s seat for where to schedule your heart and vascular procedures.

ASC stands for Ambulatory Surgery Center. These modern, free-standing outpatient healthcare facilities are designed to help patients receive quality care outside of the traditional hospital setting. They offer the patient greater choice when scheduling a variety of procedures.

ACSs present the highest level of flexibility, convenience and cost-savings for patients that want to control their own healthcare choices.

As an interventional cardiologist, I believe in this model of patient-centered care so much that I opened my own ASC. Let me introduce you to the Surgical Center of Cardiovascular Experts of Central PA.

Surgical Center of CVPA opened in Febuary of 2022 in our newly renovated building in Camp Hill, housed inside the same facility as our cardiology practice, Cardiovascular Experts of Central PA. Our facility utilizes some of the most innovative technologies in the world that are unrivaled in the region we serve.

  • Shorter wait times, same-day discharge, and free parking right in front of our center – so no long walks to our entrance.

  • Ease of Access. All services are provided under one roof: ultrasound studies (carotid, kidney, legs and for aneurysms), testing for vein disorders, exercise stress testing, EKGs, and interventional procedures, such as heart and artery stenting and microvascular limb salvage/amputation prevention.

  • Personalized care designed with you in mind to provide enhanced privacy and comfort.

  • Our staff has over 100 years of cumulative experience in cardiac and vascular care.

  • Value-based, cost-effective care not driven by health system pricing. Patients pay less out-of-pocket for testing and treatment.

We welcome new patients and second opinions. I’m extremely proud of the compassionate team I’ve built to best serve our patients, putting their care front and center – always.

In Good Health,

Rajesh Dave, MD FACC, FACAI

Interventional cardiologist and Chief Medical Executive
Cardiovascular Experts of PA, LLC
3040 Market St., Camp Hill
(717) 727-0480 /


Cindy S.

Today Dr. Rajesh Dave' and his team changed my life. Through their care, I now have restored blood flow in my right leg. For years no other physician wanted to work on my leg due to my complications related to PAD, but Dr. Dave' didn't hesitate. Thanks to his expertise, I am finally feeling better. I'm so grateful to Kym McNicholas for referring me to Cardiovascular Experts of PA and this remarkable doctor ♥️

Nathan H.

Dr. Davé didn’t just save my leg. He saved my life. If amputation is on the table, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion with Dr. Davé. He’s hands were like a divine intervention to set my life right, yet his humbleness was inspiring.

Carol J.

Dr Davé saved my husband's foot and probably his leg! He had been in wound care for more than 6 months with no results. We even had an unsuccessful cardiovascular surgery by one of their surgical affiliates. We had just been told that we were out of options, when I read an article about Dr Davé and called for a consult. Responsive and reassuring Dr Davés skill and expertise saved the limb. Dr. Davé has given Harold the mental well being that comes with being whole and healthy. We feel fortunate to have such a talented, caring and dedicated Dr!

Shelley R.

Dr Davé is a miracle worker. He saved my leg. I am forever grateful.