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What is the truest testament to excellence in heart and vascular care? Just ask Mrs. Lewis W. Kelly of Carlisle. As a 98-year-old mother of 6, with 26 grandchildren and great grandchildren combined, Miriam Kelly will tell you that excellence is about sharing great care with your family. 

Born in Hawaii, Mrs. Kelly lived the life of an “army brat,” her father a doctor in the U.S. Army. As an adult, she married another army man and together they started a family – 5 boys and 1 girl. Sadly, while stationed in Panama, her husband died unexpectedly. 

As a young widower, she packed up her family and returned to Carlisle, PA, a place she had called home before. 

In later years, she married Lewis W. Kelly, founder and president of Kelly Oil Company. They enjoyed a happy, active lifestyle together before his passing in 1994, after nearly 30 years of marriage.  

Even after the death of her second husband, Mrs. Kelly maintained an active lifestyle, frequently playing golf. But, at the age of 82, she began experiencing severe leg pain. She had been seeing a doctor for the pain, but the injections he provided offered no relief. With the thought of having to give up golf, Mrs. Kelly sought a second opinion from Dr. Davé.

“Dr. Davé hands and mind have been blessed by God. With a simple procedure he was able to take away my pain.”

Dr. Davé performed a Doppler scan on her legs, revealing blockages in the arteries of both. These blockages had been causing Mrs. Kelly’s knee & leg pain. Too many times such pain is misdiagnosed as orthopedic in nature, leaving the real cause untreated and the patient at risk for heart attack, stroke or amputation. 

Dr. Davé immediately scheduled Mrs. Kelly for surgery, placing a stent in her left leg. Two weeks later he performed the same procedure on the right leg. And then just two weeks after that, she was back on the golf course with zero pain! 

Of her care she says, “Dr. Davé hands and mind have been blessed by God. With a simple procedure he was able to take away my pain.”

Now 16 years later, Mrs. Kelly continues to see Dr. Davé for her heart and vascular care. And she’s referred all of her children that live on the East Coast to him, too.

Mrs. Kelly’s sons, John, Bob, Mike and Jim, have all been patients of Dr. Davé’s.

With a history of peripheral artery disease and heart disease, Mrs. Kelly and her sons trust the clinical expertise provided by Dr. Davé and his team at Cardiovascular Experts for monitoring their health. She fondly describes Dr. Davé as “the other doctor in the family,” referring to her late father.

“My dad was an excellent diagnostician. That’s what he was known for, and I see that in Dr. Davé, as well. He’s a miracle worker, and I’m so grateful my life – and my sons’ lives – have been touched by him.”


Cindy S.

Today Dr. Rajesh Dave' and his team changed my life. Through their care, I now have restored blood flow in my right leg. For years no other physician wanted to work on my leg due to my complications related to PAD, but Dr. Dave' didn't hesitate. Thanks to his expertise, I am finally feeling better. I'm so grateful to Kym McNicholas for referring me to Cardiovascular Experts of PA and this remarkable doctor ♥️

Nathan H.

Dr. Davé didn’t just save my leg. He saved my life. If amputation is on the table, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion with Dr. Davé. He’s hands were like a divine intervention to set my life right, yet his humbleness was inspiring.

Carol J.

Dr Davé saved my husband's foot and probably his leg! He had been in wound care for more than 6 months with no results. We even had an unsuccessful cardiovascular surgery by one of their surgical affiliates. We had just been told that we were out of options, when I read an article about Dr Davé and called for a consult. Responsive and reassuring Dr Davés skill and expertise saved the limb. Dr. Davé has given Harold the mental well being that comes with being whole and healthy. We feel fortunate to have such a talented, caring and dedicated Dr!

Shelley R.

Dr Davé is a miracle worker. He saved my leg. I am forever grateful.