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For nine months, life was miserable for Mark Hostler. At 66 years old, he was experiencing circulation issues and was diagnosed with a blockage in his right leg. His surgeon at the time performed a stent-graft procedure to reduce the pressure on the blockage and provide a new pathway for blood flow. Sadly, though, Mark developed a staph infection from the surgery that gravitated to his foot. Mark was told the next course of action was to amputate his leg just above the knee. Mark was in shock. He found himself going through the motions, scheduling his date for amputation and even getting fitted for a prosthetic leg. Thankfully, the podiatrist who had been treating Mark’s foot wound suggested a second opinion. He was referred to Dr. Rajesh Davé. 

Dr. Davé gave Mark hope. Mark had been in such pain that he was constantly laid up in bed or using crutches to feebly get around. Dr. Davé suggested a microvascular procedure to restore blood flow to Mark’s leg, which would also help in the healing of the staph infection. Mark consented and seven days after that surgery, he was able to walk on his own – without crutches!

“Always trust your gut. If I hadn’t, I’d be an amputee today. Get a second opinion. I owe my leg to Dr. Dave’s expertise and experience.”

Mark has a new lease on life. Now that he’s able to walk again, he’s happy to help his fiancé around the house. When he was down and out, she took great care of him. Now – together – they are able to live life to the fullest. 

Mark now also trusts Dr. Davé for his heart care needs, too.


Nathan H.

Dr. Davé didn’t just save my leg. He saved my life. If amputation is on the table, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion with Dr. Davé. He’s hands were like a divine intervention to set my life right, yet his humbleness was inspiring.

Carol J.

Dr Davé saved my husband's foot and probably his leg! He had been in wound care for more than 6 months with no results. We even had an unsuccessful cardiovascular surgery by one of their surgical affiliates. We had just been told that we were out of options, when I read an article about Dr Davé and called for a consult. Responsive and reassuring Dr Davés skill and expertise saved the limb. Dr. Davé has given Harold the mental well being that comes with being whole and healthy. We feel fortunate to have such a talented, caring and dedicated Dr!

Shelley R.

Dr Davé is a miracle worker. He saved my leg. I am forever grateful.