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The team here at Cardiovascular Experts is filled with the brightest minds in cardiology that Central Pennsylvania and the world has to offer. Our focus is patient health, happiness, and long-term results to help better lives.

Rajesh Dave’, MD, FACC, FSCAI

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Christina Basonic, CRNP, NPC

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Leah Reitzi, PA-C

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Tony Hancock, CRNP

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There are many procedures and services we offer our patients to help benefit their health. Our doctors are trained to bring you the best cardiology care in Central Pennsylvania!

Scope of Our Services
Ultrasound Examinations of Arteries (such as Carotid, Kidney and Legs) | Ultrasound Examinations for Aneurysms | Reflux Testing for Varicose Veins | Exercise Stress Testing | Echocardiograms, EKG’s | Nuclear Stress Testing | Onsite Endovascular Intervention Procedures | Heart Valve Replacement | Heart Artery and Stent Procedures

Coronary Catherizations

We regularly performs coronary catheterizations. A heart catheterization is a test that allows your physician to visualize the arteries to your heart and identify any blockages. If blockages are identified, they may need to be treated with tools such as balloons and stents. We utilize these advanced tools and techniques to remove blockages from arteries that supply the heart muscle, returning blood flow and improving circulation.

Venous Treatments (DVT)

We regularly treat deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, which can be a life-threatening condition without intervention. DVT occurs when a blood clot (or thrombosis) forms in a “deep vein” in the body, most often in the leg. If you are a smoker, are overweight, have a blood clotting disorder, have required prolonged immobility or have a form of cancer, you may be at greater risk to develop DVT.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Cardiovascular Experts specializes in lower extremity peripheral vascular interventions, which are also called endovascular interventions. Simply put, our providers use advanced tools and techniques to remove blockages from arteries primarily in the legs, returning blood flow and improving circulation.



Read about out patient success stories!

Dr. Dave saved my foot and or leg from being amputated! Another cardiovascular team said that there was no other option but to deal with the pain till it was unbearable. I met with Dr. Dave and he sat me down and explained in detail how he would approach the situation. After two short surgeries he restored 100% flood flow to my left foot when others could only get 30%. It was a God sent to find this man and I could go on of hours what a wonderful man he is! Thanks again.

Nathan H.

Dr Dave saved my husband’s foot and probably his leg! He had been in wound care for more than 6 months with no results.  We even had an unsuccessful cardiovascular surgery by one of their surgical affiliates. We had just been told that we were out of options, when I read an article about Dr Dave and called for a consult. Responsive and reassuring Dr Dave’s skill and expertise saved the limb.  Dr. Dave has given Harold the mental well-being that comes with being whole and healthy.  We feel fortunate to have such a talented, caring and dedicated Dr!

Carol J.

Dr Dave is a miracle worker. He saved my leg. I am forever grateful.

Shelley R.

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